sábado, 19 de abril de 2008

Brighter days

Friday. The week ends up today, my last week in my practice place (Karmøy). The island is well-known for its contradictory weather: rain and wind are staring very often. Incredibly we have had plenty of sunshine in the whole week here.

The spring has come! And it is amazing to see life sprouting again in the dry branches, flowers appearing, birds coming back. People are going out more often and it possible to see some children playing outside. I can notice the difference: brighter days.

This background prepares my mind and heart to go back to Hald. It is also time to say “good bye” for those who I lived with during the last six months. I just want to say "thank you". I am very grateful for everything I could experience and learn during this time together with unforgettable people.

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