quinta-feira, 10 de abril de 2008

Time flies

The time has gone fast! I just have about one more week here in Karmøy. Six months ago, I came to a totally new place which I haven't been before. During this time, I could feel me at home here. Day after day, I was getting used to a lot of things: new relationships, new family, new friends, new language, new names, new tasks, new food, new habits and so on. Newness!

Soon it is time to say "See you!" for all those things that are not new anymore because they have became a part of me. It is amazing to experience Hald's slogan: go, learn and become. I can assure that it happens! Go and discover the new! Learn from the new! Become yourself new!

I am going to leave home and go back to home at Hald. I am looking forward to meet the others and be together again with this wonderful international family.

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